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Our mission at CertifiedEmerald.com is simple: to provide the best quality AAA grade Emeralds and top rated service to our customers at the lowest mine-direct wholesale prices possible on Emerald Jewelry. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the natural and guaranteed products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe secure environment to purchase our exclusive gemstones and we will help you find the right deal on the right Emerald. Our natural Colombian Emerald prices simply will not be beat! All purchases can be securely processed through our preferred merchant account using the safe secure checkout paypal process to assure your purchase.

We know buying precious jewelry online can be confusing and there is alot of information to review but we have done our best to cut through all the fog and retail hoops to bring you high quality mine-direct gems and no nonsense discount prices which will save you ALOT of money over any local jewelers who through no fault of their own simply cannot match or beat our direct source pricing. Emeralds are quickly rising in value along with gold and there may be a day soon when we simply cannot obtain anymore of these rare gemstones because of international politics and also the lack of new gem crystals coming from the mines.

The Muzo Mine, Coscuez (Cosquez) Mine, Chivor Mine, & The La Pita Mine (Boyaca Department, Colombia sources) are world renowned as some of the best color and highest quality in the world and this is the material we deal with exclusively here on Certified Emerald, and despite what some may believe these are actually very rare gemstones when of genuine origin & actual AAA gem quality. Be careful of other sites selling non-Colombian material and calling it a Colombian Emerald. The Colombian gemstones have a bright "living" green color quality and are very lively gems that many times seem to actually produce their own magical inner glow which comes in part from their natural chromium content and origin specific Emerald "Jardin" which makes each and every single one unique & very special. With the help of the Internet you are able to now buy these genuine origin gems mine-direct without visiting the many times very dangerous South America. We always accurately describe all of our genuine gems to the best of our human ability and if there is anything you have questions about or would like to see more pictures of any of our one of a kind items please just contact us and let us know your needs, we are happy to assist you! We specialize in custom Emerald requests so just remember if you can think it, we can make it! We have many types of loose Emeralds in stock right now so please feel free to ask me to provide you with some pictures or a video of your gem request along with an easy low price quote.

Thank you for choosing CertifiedEmerald.com!

- Chris "The Emerald Collector" 


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